Loop's Ted Greve with his wife and business partner Tamara
Loop's Ted Greve with his wife and business partner Tamara
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24 Jan. 2013

Ted & Tamara Greve, Loop Jean CO., Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Positioned at the Casas Adobes Plaza in Tucson, Arizona, Loop Jean Company was launched in 2008 by its owners, Ted Greve and his wife and business partner Tamara. Showcasing a cohesive offering of contemporary brands such as Citizens of Humanity, Paige Denim and Frye Boots alongside local Arizona designers such as Duane Maktima Jewelry, the family-owned retailer is celebrated for its expertise in customer service. The recent expansion of the store’s Robert Graham shop-in-shop has grown its denim business exponentially. It now also sells sweaters, blazers and accessories. US contributor Rudy Gonzales spoke to Ted Greve to discuss all that is denim and the overall state of the market.

What are some of your current bestsellers itemwise and brandwise?
Loop Jean Company is obviously very denim driven and of the over 30 denim brands we carry, Citizens of Humanity, Paige Denim, A.G. and Alberto are currently our best performers.

Loop Jean CO
Loop Jean CO

What item’s or brand’s sales performance has really surprised you?
We had the grand opening of our Robert Graham Shop on December 1, 2012. While we’ve carried their shirts for five years, the new shop has allowed us to expand into Robert Graham T-shirts, sweaters, blazers, belts, jeans, khakis and even socks–all of which have exceeded expectations.

Who is your “typical” customer?
We’ve been successful positioning ourselves as the destination for premium denim in our market. As a result, we sell to 16-year-old boys and girls up to 80-year-old men and women almost every day but our most typical client is between 30 and 60.

Loop Jean CO
Loop Jean CO

How do you compare to other local stores in your area?
We’re all looking to distinguish ourselves from our competition in the most positive way possible. We do this in several ways. We take 30 to 45 minutes with every first-time client and use that time to do nothing but identify the most flattering fit. When we tailor our jeans, we do it properly by salvaging the original hem and at no charge to our client. In a never-ending attempt to raise the bar in our market, we are just a few months away from bringing all our alterations in house. Up till now we’ve had to quote 48 to 72 hours for alterations. With the opening of our alterations area we’ll be able to offer alterations in 30 to 60 minutes.

Loop Jean CO
Loop Jean CO

What has been the biggest challenge of having the store thus far?
Sticking to our pledge to grow our business debt free while pushing for the same double-digit growth we’ve accomplished each of the last 5 years.

How do you find new brands and merchandise?
Attending every market in Las Vegas and LA and reading every word of every issue of Sportswear International.

Loop Jean CO
Loop Jean CO

What do you think is the overall state of fashion and retail at the moment?
The current retail environment is exceedingly competitive. The key to successful retailing is exceeding the customers’ expectations, in as many ways possible. The retailers that accomplish this are succeeding and are likely to continue to thrive.

Store's contact:
Loop Jean Company
Casas Adobes Plaza
7047 Oracle Road
Tucson, AZ 85704
+1 520 219 9785

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