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03 Jan. 2013

New Fashion Kids BV partners Twinlife BV

New Fashion Kids BV (NFK), subsidiary of the investment fund New Fashion BV and Twinlife BV, in which New Fashion BV also has a stake, are set to bring their children’s wear activities together. The collective children’s wear activities of NFK will continue as usual with the two boys brands, Pointer and Twinlife Junior, and the three girls brands, Jottum, Cakewalk and Barbara Farber. This agreement was reached by NFK BV and WaalWear Kids BV (WWK). These children’s wear brands will then be available in 10 different countries and more than 200 locations. According to WaalWear Kids BV, the merging of the various children’s wear brands into one organisation is the ideal strategy given the current market.
Hannah Krautwald

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