No more water with zero water finish
No more water with zero water finish

23 Nov. 2012

Mustang develops new zero water finish

For the first time, Mustang has produced an entire range of high-end vintage washes using a completely waterfree process for its fall/winter 2013/14 menswear collection. According to the company, the new procedure, which was developed by Mustang itself, is called “zero water finish" and is based on fiber crafts, eliminating the need for washing machines and artificial resins.

The brand ensures that the used look will remain even with the absence of water and has even brighter denim washes with zero water finish planned for the future.

Mustang launches a water-free range. So far the range is only available for men. The range includes two Jeans retailing at 99 Euros, a denim shirt for 89+ Euros and a denim jacket for 119 Euros. The line will hit the stores in August 2013.
Juliette Nguyen

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