Impression from BBB
Impression from BBB's denim base in July 2012

01 Nov. 2012

Bread & Butter releases exhibitor list

Denim and streetwear trade show Bread & Butter has released a first official exhibitor list for its winter edition, taking place on the usual grounds of Berlin’s former airport Tempelhof from January 15 to 17 next year.

With the decision to select his exhibitors "even more carefully in the future", fair owner Karl-Heinz Müller had sparked an industry-wide discussion during the past September (SI reported earlier). A number of former Bread & Butter exhibitors have now not been given the repeated permission to exhibit at the upcoming January show.

A preliminary list of exhibitor brands for Bread & Butter’s "Big Time" edition in January has been launched online today. It shall be updated daily and can be found here.
Maria Hunstig

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