Clinton CEO Thomas Finkbeiner
Clinton CEO Thomas Finkbeiner

31 Oct. 2012

Clinton presents new showroom and fashion show in Berlin

For the first time in its history, the Clinton Group will present its two labels Camp David and Soccx on its own fashion platform (with showroom and fashion show) at the Berlin Palazzo during January’s Berlin Fashion Week. The company has also announced that it will attend the first edition of the international fashion trade fair Panorama Berlin. CEO Thomas Finkbeiner commented: “We want to internationalize our two brands and being a part of Panorama is a step in that direction.”

Camp David and Soccx are currently sold at approximately 220 stores and 1,000 shop-in-shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Clinton Group’s headquarters are based in Hoppegarten, near Berlin.

Juliette Nguyen

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