Wöhrl fashion house in Straubing in new look
Wöhrl fashion house in Straubing in new look

18 Oct. 2012

Wöhrl re-opens Straubing store

With the opening of the completely revised and enlarged fashion house on Ludwigsplatz in Straubing today, retail company Wöhrl will celebrate the implementation of its new store concept at a third location. Over 100 brands are presented over three floors and across 3,500 square meters. All standards that have proven successful for March 2012 in the new Wöhrl store in Ingolstadt are now on display in Straubing. "Our goal is that our customers will connect with the new Wöhrl and feel a truly unique shopping experience," said Olivier Wöhrl, CEO of Rudolf Wöhrl AG.

Alice McCullagh

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