Wöhrl celebrates its 80th anniversary
Wöhrl celebrates its 80th anniversary

18 Oct. 2013

Wöhrl celebrates 80th anniversary

Nurnberg-based fashion retailer Wöhrl celebrates its 80th anniversary as one of the leading fashion houses in Southern Germany. Wöhrl offer over 100 brands at 37 locations, and collaborate with several premium labels and manufacturers to ensure they maintain a diverse range of menswear, womenswear, sportswear and childrenswear.

A customer survey conducted by the German Institute for Service-Quality on behalf of n-tv found Wöhrl to be the most popular fashion house in Germany. An additional study made by Textilwirtschaft, in cooperation with Konzept&Markt awarded Wöhrl as “Top Shops 2013”.
80th anniversary of Wöhrl
80th anniversary of Wöhrl

Oliver Wöhrl, executive chairman, comments: “Since our early days, our principle has been to perceive our employees as human beings - with special skills, talents and potential. Today, we employ 2400 people in Southern and Eastern Germany. As a family, we consider each of them as an important part of the great Wöhrl family, in which one stands up for the other.”

The fashion company has locations in big cities like Munich, Dresden and Berlin, as well as in smaller regions like Traunreut or Neumarkt. Most recently Wöhrl has re-opened new stores, including the new shop fitting concept in Bamberg and Dresden, which proved successful last year at stores in Ingolstadt, Straubing and Coburg.
Tatjana von Elverfeldt

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