Nish Soneji, Managing Director Pepe Jeans
Nish Soneji, Managing Director Pepe Jeans

01 Feb. 2013

Nish Soneji, Managing Director Pepe Jeans, about the brand's anniversary

2013 is a year of celebration for iconic Pepe Jeans London. Turning 40 years the brand has announced several issues to celebrate this special occasion. Sportswear International’s editor Melanie Gropler talked to Nish Soneji, Managing Director Pepe Jeans about the anniversary, the events and the changing denim market.
Pepe booth: Union Jack made of Jeans
Pepe booth: Union Jack made of Jeans

Nish, your booth is very well visited. This time you don’t show the collection but the booth features a performance of how to make jeans. Tell me the story of your booth?
This year is big for us. It’s celebration time. We are celebrating our 40 years. For the first time we do not show the collection at the fair. To mark our 40th birthday we want to make something special, therefore we created this gigantic booth. People can come and create their own pair of jeans out of our special limited edition 1973 style of jeans. We have great artists and experts who customize your jean with lasers, repairs, painting etc. People like it and are interested to see the details.

What else do Pepe plan this year?
We celebrate 3 things that refer to our name Pepe Jeans London and we’ll do it with several events during the year. We will release a brand new campaign that will focus primarily around the brand’s origins, featuring a “first ever” cameo by founder Nitin Shah. In addition to this, we came out with a special anniversary edition including a pair of Jeans and a T-Shirt, the pricing of which accords to our date of foundation, 1973, as the Shirt will retail at 19 Euro and the Jean 73 Euro. These pieces are going to be sold through independent retailers as a special thank you to all the Pepe Jeans lovers be they consumers or retailers who have supported us loyally. Additionally, we will open a flagship store in London. The location is not fixed yet but we are in discussions. Every market will have its own celebration, we will make it a year to remember.
Pepe booth at Bread & Butter
Pepe booth at Bread & Butter

What will be the next big trend in denim?
We don’t follow trends; after 40 years we have learned to listen to our instincts, we create and lead denim trends. We are really in denim. We invest a lot into innovation and research to make our product interesting and comfortable, in fit and in style. As a denim brand we offer the whole range from clean, washed, destroyed or repaired. This makes us different from brands that don’t see denim as their reason for living. We are standard bearers so we offer something for every body shape and every fashion perspective be it skinny, regular, straight, taper cuts and flares. We want to satisfy every denim lover in the market with product at a price that will make them happy. It’s more important to follow your brand beliefs. This is the real celebration.

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