Picture from the Denim Spa campaign
Picture from the Denim Spa campaign

22 Jun. 2012


For spring/summer 2013, US denim giant Wrangler is launching Denim Spa Therapy For Legs, a line of denims that moisturize the wearer’s legs and even fight cellulite via built-in microcapsules in the fabric that continuously free conditioning substances into the skin.

The line will come in three popular denim models – two skinny fits and one slim – that will each be released in three different soft-feel finishes. The Jojoba and Aloe Vera treatments assure permanent leg moisturizing while the Smooth Legs finish includes anti-cellulite cream components. Full effectiveness, furthermore, is said to outlast six to eight washes and in a study done on 160 women, 2/3 reported that their thighs looked more attractive after wearing the Denim Spa jeans on a daily basis for four weeks.

Adam Kakembo
Adam Kakembo
Adam Kakembo, Wrangler EMEA’s Vice President of Product & Marketing, explained the new line’s long-terms by saying, "Starting with the fall/winter 2012 collection, we’ve re-defined our complete womenswear offering. The line now has a more feminine look, we’ve introduced additional fits and the feedback from retail has been great. Denim Spa is another initiative to unlock the women’s jeans market even further. We will continue working on the Denim Spa concept and look forward to more innovations in the upcoming seasons."

The complete Denim Spa concept, including POS material, displays and hang-tags, will be debuted by Wrangler at Bread & Butter this July. At this point in time, Wrangler also plans to release more details about the label’s first European mono-brand store, which is set to open in Germany this year.

Maria Hunstig

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