founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon by dpa founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon by dpa

18 Dec. 2012 Define Online Shopping Trends of Women

Survey Lab, the new research and trend laboratory of the online-fashion-sales supplier analysed in their recent study “ Online Women’s Ready-to-Wear Purchasing Trends in Europe” the fashion styles and it-pieces of European online shoppers.

Four archetypal online- looks were identified. Thanks to these archetypes it is possible to establish the shopping behaviour of French, German, Spanish and Italian women. According to the study, which explains the difference between the consumers of these four countries, French women dress in a detail-loving style, whereas German women dress casually and are inclined toward high quality clothing. Spanish women are described as expressive and playful, and Italian women purchase elegant and luxurious garments.

style of European women
style of European women

The study  was developed in collaboration with trend agency NellyRodi by analysing 2,5 billion sales over one year.
Hannah Franziska Krautwald

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