Urban Outfitters Frankfurt
Urban Outfitters Frankfurt

05 Sep. 2011


US lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters has opened its second store in Germany after Hamburg in Frankfurt last Thursday. This opening is part of the company’s retail expansion across Europe with two further store openings in Europe in the pipeline: A store in Brussels will be opened on Place Stephanie on September 30, 2011, a store in Exeter will be opened on 229 High Street on October 12, 2011. Regarding further store openings in Germany, David Vollrath, Store Manager of the Urban Outfitters store in Hamburg, said: “We want to open stores in all larger German cities. We also plan to open a store in Berlin, maybe still within this year.”

The store in Frankfurt is located on Rossmarkt and offers womenswear, menswear, accessories, footwear, CDs, books, home items and more on a space of 1,800sqm and three floors. The ground floor offers womenswear and accessories, the lower level is dedicated to menswear and on the upper level customers find shoes, accessories as well as a sales section. Like as in all other European stores, students get a sales discount of 10%. So far, the store has 40 employees including managers.

Right now, Urban Outfitters operates 22 stores across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. Following the launch of Urban Outfitters’ online shops in Germany and France last year, the brand now has fully transactional websites in French and German language.
Urban Outfitters Frankfurt
Urban Outfitters Frankfurt

Susannah Carey

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