Upcload measuring
Upcload measuring

13 Jan. 2012


Upcload, founded in January 2010 in Berlin, Germany by Asaf Moses and Sebastian Schulze, was born out of a mutual frustration with ordering clothing online which, upon delivery, failed to fit. Upcload allows users to create an online profile of their dimensions and styling preferences, ensuring that clothing items bought online fit “offline” as well. The Upcload measuring-app, developed in partnership with leaders in cutting edge object recognition and segmentation technology, scans via webcam and calculates the user’s proportions, later providing size recommendations in any participating online stores.

Upcload is currently working towards further innovations, such as an app to measure shoe size, body measurements via mobile phone, and an app that scans in-store barcodes to find which items fit the user best.

Upcload founders Sebastian Schulze, Asaf Moses
Upcload founders Sebastian Schulze, Asaf Moses

Anastasia Dyakovskaya

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