Key Visual The Gallery Berlin
Key Visual The Gallery Berlin

11 Nov. 2011


The Gallery Berlin, organized by Igedo Company Germany, will celebrate its debut with about 80 collections from January 18-20, 2012, simultaneously to Bread & Butter Premium tradeshow, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. The brand portfolio will be composed by designer and designer-driven collections, avant-garde styling and accessories. The show will take place at the legendary “Moskau” building on Karl Marx Allee 34 in Berlin Mitte. Igedo Company plans to organize this new and independent womenswear platform twice a year in the future.

Due to space limitations, the show will initially include a selective brand portfolio. Brands like Anett Röstel, Annette Görtz, Cipriani, Emilio Santi, Esmeralda, Sulu, Rundholz or Trippen for example are already registered for the first show. Elke Sautter, Project Manager of The Gallery Berlin, said: “With our event, we selectively address exhibitors with avant-garde and individual designer collections. These are ordered by independent specialist retailers and top buyers of big department stores.”

Café Moskau in Berlin
Café Moskau in Berlin

Lisa Dartmann

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On 26.01.2012 at 08:14 Mehri Jaiswal wrote:


Is there an organized show of German designers in Paris ?!

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