New brand and commercial director of Smiley, Torsten Gryska
New brand and commercial director of Smiley, Torsten Gryska

21 Nov. 2013

Smiley with new brand and commercial director

Smiley Company welcomes its new brand and commercial director for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe Torsten Gryska to its headquarters in London.

37-year old Gryska previously worked as licensee manager for children’s and family entertainment at Fremantle Media with companies such as Hasbro, Transformers, BBC Earth and the Discovery Channel. In his new function he is responsible for strengthening the brands markets, deepening the relations between partners like Herlitz, ZAK, Nici, Esprit, H&M, TV Mania and Plomo o Plata, and to establish new partnerships.

Torsten Gryska, comments: "I am looking forward to the interesting jobs and opportunities offered by working at Smiley. At the BLE Fair in London, I learnt that Smiley Original, Smiley London and SmileyWorld are currently experiencing a real boom. Especially now where the vibe of the 80s and 90s - the era in which the Smiley Company became great, is experiencing a real revival in the fashion and lifestyle sector, and the demand corresponds to that."
Tatjana von Elverfeldt

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