Strellson - f/w 2012-13 - Sportswear line
Strellson - f/w 2012-13 - Sportswear line

03 May. 2012


Strellson - f/w 2012-13 - Premium line
Strellson - f/w 2012-13 - Premium line
Swiss Fashion Brand Strellson has revealed the details of its sportswear and premium lines for the fall/winter 2012/13 season. 

Urbanity, internationality and Swiss tradition are the key topics of 'New Order,' this season's sportswear collection. Its new simplicity shows through with graphically subtle patterns and color-dominated spaces that serve as a playground for formfitting and draped shapes like voluminous parkas and skinny jeans or thick knitwear with chinos. Looking at coats and jackets, down models and functionality play a key role. Across all product groups, efficient 2in1 and 3in1 solutions such as waterproofness, reversibility and removable features such as hoods, collars and linings are important. In terms of color, the winter season will be vibrant with very clear color families such as cypress, bronze, golden yellow and anemone, all moderated by a greyish base. 

The premium line ‘Deep Surface’ plays with the contradictions and facets of the modern man. The collection unites two worlds: natural authenticity and rediscovered elegance. The focus falls on the surfaces and materials used, which are dominated by diagonal and bitonal micro structures, metallic effects and a variety of treatments and finishes of luxurious and traditional qualities on masculine fabrics such as tweed, velvet, jersey, wool/mohair, wool/silk, high twist, stretch flannels and tricotines. Dyes, allover prints, technical elements and coatings contrast with the clear and reduced designs. Deep black is the main shade, with special treatments catering to maximum darkness and color fastness allowing for the claim, “We will wear black until there’s something darker.” Besides grey, antra, black and navy, brown celebrates its comeback, complimented by warm shades of aqua, blue, orange, bronze, golden yellow, cinnamon, dark red and dark pink seen as blocks or in smart and subtle melanges.
Mona Schmadl

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