S.Oliver Concept Store in Vienna
S.Oliver Concept Store in Vienna

09 Sep. 2011


S.Oliver has opened its first “Concept Store” in Austria in Vienna. The very first Concept Store by S.Oliver, a new individual store concept that focuses on vintage store design, was established in Stuttgart, Germany in September of 2010. This opening is part of the company’s retail expansion across Europe: Between August and October 2011 there will be ten more store openings, for example in Dortmund, Germany, and Helsinki, Finland.

The store is located on Vienna’s famous and high-frequented Mariahilfer Strasse and offers womenswear, menswear, shoes and accessories such as watches, jewelry, bags as well as perfume on a space of more than 1,000sqm and two floors. So far, the store has 40 employees including managers. S.Oliver attracts a large audience with its brands S.Oliver Casual, QS by S.Oliver and Selection by S.Oliver. The exclusive brand Sir Oliver is only offered in the new Concept Stores.

The individual vintage store design was exclusively designed by Konhäuser, Estenfeld, and presents a vintage world with a great focus on details. A special gimmick of the store is the fact that it is filled with vintage collectibles of the private compilation of Bernd Freier, Managing Director of S.Oliver GmbH & Co. KG. Customers can find “back to the roots” decoration specials throughout the store such as Chesterfield couches, vintage picture frames, old typewriters, and a lot more.

In order to celebrate the new Concept Store opening, S.Oliver is giving away 1.000 pairs of denim during the first days of the opening, until September 10, 2011. On Wednesday night, the company hosted an exclusive VIP opening with prominent guests of the fields of media, fashion, sports, and invited Vienna’s high society.
S.Oliver Concept Store in Vienna
S.Oliver Concept Store in Vienna

Elisa Amelia Bausch

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