Bossa Colored Denims
Bossa Colored Denims

06 Feb. 2012


A positive and industrious atmosphere pervaded at Munich Fabric Start, despite bad weather and delayed flights. The textile trade show presented previews for Spring/Summer 2013 between January 31 and February 2, 2012 at Munich's MOC, Centrum and Zenithalle. The main idea was to offer a wide array of materials to create an interplay producing energetic mixes, innovation and intriguing new products. The main halls hosting Munich Fabric Start were busy as usual and the mood was positive from both exhibitors and visitors. The Zenithalle, which hosted a more specialized group of over 60 exhibitors mostly consisting of denim weavers and finishers, reported a quieter first day and more liveliness on the second.

Munich Fabric Start

"We are very happy with the show," commented John Katsianis, CEO of Italdenim, which exhibited at The Blue Zone.“We received as many visits as we expected from top clients in the German market." Similarly, Gulperi Erkanli, marketing manager of Bossa, added, "This fair is always important for us. We see our clients from Germany and Northern Europe and write up orders with them. They guarantee us a good basis of business that we wouldn't want to miss – especially these days." Alberto Candiani, owner of TRC Candiani, which participated in the second edition of the show, underlined, "We continue to exhibit because our clients ask us to be here and we consider this a very good business opportunity." Still, the general problem for the German market is limited spending power where jeanswear is concerned. No matter how much companies earn, it is difficult to balance suffering markets with decreased sales.

Munich Fabric Start Bluezone
The Blue Zone's denim weavers focused on significant elements such as color, super-stretch and very soft materials. Bossa's interpretation of colored denim saw indigo-dyed fabrics later dyed with pastel colors and aged in order to let the indigo show through underneath. White denims with bright-colored linings were on offer by Tejidos Royo. A series of new developments characterized Italdenim's satin woven jeans featuring special effects such as laser pinstripes and soft-hand coatings as well as a super-comfy, stretch-combed, yarn denims. Soft touch denims were also produced by employing Tencel and cotton mixes as presented by denim manufacturers such as Bossa, Isko and Royo.

Munich Fabric Start Gallery

Calik presented a new paper denim made with 35% paper and 65% cotton fibers. This denim fabric's weft is made with paper spun by a special process into thin and resistant yarns. Its aim is to be eco-friendly while looking like an authentic denim that can be aged, washed and treated.

Within the mens denim segment, Invista focused on the recently launched Elast produced in partnership with Tejoidos Royo. Invista also launched TOUGH MAX™ LYCRA®, fabrics made from a blend of cotton with LYCRA® T400® fiber or LYCRA® fiber wrapped with polyester. These fabrics offer moderate stretch for comfort in wear and twice the abrasion resistance of comparable 100% cotton fabrics; ideal for work or sports. A second fabric is LYCRA® dualFX™ which combines the high stretch of LYCRA® fiber with the excellent recovery properties of LYCRA® T400®.

Isko launched its new website and blog aimed at becoming a web meeting point for denim insiders and aficionados. Among its accessory manufacturers is Piovese, the Italian label and packaging specialist that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and presented their concept for suspenders, an accessory they think will gain leverage - especially in the jeanswear market - for Spring/Summer 2013. They also presented a new series of labels in leather, paper and many other materials, all developed according to ecological standards.

Munich Fabric Start Berto Booth

Environmental issues hit a record high at this edition of MFS. The show's Organic Selection and Eco Village areas, both devoted to eco-friendly fabrics, presented more than 500 fabrics, 100 more than last season. Another focal point was the Green Zone, an eco-friendly section of The Blue Zone, taking place at the second edition. These areas registered significant attendance from global players like H&M and C&A. Kevin Lobo, manager of the Hugo Boss company, also visited these areas together with his entourage of 50 people.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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