Dedicated at Agenda NY
Dedicated at Agenda NY

19 Jul. 2012


Agenda, the California-based trade show dedicated to streetwear and action sports, took to the new location of its New York edition at 82 Mercer Street in SoHo like a seasoned skater to a half-pipe, pleasing exhibitors and attendees alike. The two-day exhibition featured approximately 140 brands from Analog and Nike to Obey and Stussy and ran Monday through Tuesday in a multi-level loft space that has previously served as the site of Project New York.

Agenda’s president, Aaron Levant,
Agenda’s president, Aaron Levant,
Agenda’s president, Aaron Levant, said it was “the best New York show ever” and noted that buyer attendance ranged from Bergdorf Goodman’s footwear team to numerous independent skate and surf shops and chains along the US East Coast. He added that the mood at the show, and in the streetwear/action sports sector in general, is upbeat: “Two years ago, it was a different story. This time, I didn’t hear anyone say how bad business is. The sky is not falling anymore.”

Levant also confirmed that Agenda NY would return to its new Mercer Street home for its January 2013 edition.

Asked whether it was a problem holding his show a week earlier than the other New York men’s market shows such as Project, ENK New York, Capsule and the new D&A Man (they all will be held either this Sunday or Monday), he said no and explained that Agenda’s attending retailers only crossed over into “the men’s contemporary market” by 10 to 20 percent.

Dedicated was one of Agenda’s most satisfied exhibitors. Making its US debut, the Swedish brand said that it wrote eight orders at Agenda and collected “at least 50 business cards that we need to follow up on.”

design by 10 Deep
design by 10 Deep
Trendwise, 1990s-inspired looks and prints were big at Agenda. These included vintage-inspired ones at the fledgling Brooklyn-based womenswear line Shown to Scale, an original bird-print one at bag manufacturer Herschel Supply Co. and Mexican ones at longstanding streetwear brand 10 Deep.
Christopher Blomquist

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