Rich & Royal booth at Bread & Butter July 2014
Rich & Royal booth at Bread & Butter July 2014

07 Aug. 2014

Rich & Royal launches new store concept

For the first time in July 2014, the fashion label Rich & Royal introduced its new store concept at Bread & Butter in Berlin, in cooperation with the architecture and design studio Blocher Blocher. The concept will be implemented in own stores as well as in shop-in-shop systems.

At the 150 sqm booth, a bar made of concrete built the communicative center for the trade fair visitors. The concrete bottom was interrupted by ornamental tiles. While the brand sign was represented as a three-dimensional object in the air, two big mirrors displayed on the ceiling reflect the room. The back wall was decorated with a wooden boarding and cubes in pastel tones were both used as presentation and decoration. Black steel shelving systems with golden details emphasized the glamorous Rich & Royal style. Spotlights reminding of rock stages highlighted the clothing pieces. Mannequins in black and white and also speech balloons in slate look with the words “Rock”, “Beauty”, “Glam” underlined the Rich & Royal message.

In fall 2014, the new store concept will be inaugurated with an own Rich & Royal store in the new Mall of Berlin at Leipziger Platz.

Rich & Royal at Bread & Butter July 2014
Rich & Royal at Bread & Butter July 2014

Alexandra Spiegel

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