3D printed jewellry by Stilnest
3D printed jewellry by Stilnest

11 Jul. 2014

Review Show & Order: The emotional factor

Hueftgold duo: Morten Naumann and Dirk Bommersheim
Hueftgold duo: Morten Naumann and Dirk Bommersheim
Show & Order has become an established part of Berlin’s trade show events. For three days German visitors came to see about 300 international fashion, accessories, as well as beauty and lifestyle labels for women.
”It was quieter than the last time, but we are more than satisfied with this fair”, says Morten Naumann of accessories label Hueftgold. The fact that there have been fewer visitors hasn’t affected his opinion that trade shows are still an important issue in the fashion industry. “You shouldn’t underestimate the emotional factor of a trade show,” says Martin Kuhlmann of Hueftgold.

Max Schulte of Tigha
Max Schulte of Tigha
Verena Malta, founder and CEO of Show & Order, says: “There are different reasons why Berlin’s fairs have had a generally weaker turnout, for example, summer holidays and the date changes have created a little confusion. But the most important thing is that visitors such as Lodenfrey or Ludwig Beck came to our show.” Max Schulte of Tigha says that there was an especially good turnout for the Wednesday Late Night Order until 9 p.m. One of the busiest areas was the accessories level.

Printed jogging pants by Abby
Printed jogging pants by Abby's
Hottest trend: printed jogg pants

Look out for: new ideas for leather

Newest segment: a Show & Buy area where retailers can order sophisticated fast fashion – from furs to casual pieces

Nicest brand duo: Morten Naumann and Dirk Bommersheim of Hueftgold

Beauty must-have: beauty eyelid lift treatment tapes by Magicstripes
Julia Mönnich

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