On the grounds of former department store Jahndorf
On the grounds of former department store Jahndorf

11 Jul. 2014

Review Bright: Fashion-minded

Donut prints at Hype
Donut prints at Hype
The atmosphere in the aisles of former department store Jahndorf was continuously positive. The switch Bright made from a Wednesday-Friday routine to an earlier start on Tuesday (in order to reduce overlap with Agenda Long Beach) meant the trade show had a quieter first day but a much busier final day – in previous years, many buyers had left by Friday. The interior/architecture generally felt a bit lighter and more open than last season but this perception might have also been caused by the visitors now spread out across three instead of last season’s two levels.

More than ever before, those attending Bright found a selection of brands which was more closely allied with fashion and less skate-oriented, reflecting the general market trend toward “streetwear” in its broadest sense having gained a solid foothold in the stock list of many trend fashion retailers. Among young fashion brands, looks mainly ranged from trendy bold allover prints, especially those offered by British labels such as Hype, Jaded or Criminal Damage, and a more hip-hop  black-and-white basketball shorts/fake leather look showcased by labels like Black Kaviar or Chill Collective. Newly big players like Reebok or Kangaroos added further relevance.

3D moldings at Hudson
3D moldings at Hudson
Exhibitors praised the international audience: “There have been many international visitors here, I guess around 50%,” said Dennis Kipp of Rough Distribution. Other exhibitors spoke of visitors from places as far away as Dubai or Korea. US brand Hudson celebrated their European debut at Bright with a fashionable men’s collection including 3D molded items. “This is our first time at a European show and we are really happy! We were able to find agents for Norway, German and even Japan,” said Ed Small of Hudson.

O'Neill x Kyle NG
Addressing the possible effects of Karl-Heinz Müller’s announcement to move its monster trade show Bread & Butter to Barcelona, Bright co-founder Thomas Martini said: “From Bright's perspective, Berlin remains the right location. The predominance of the Berlin Fashion Week especially in our segment of the industry is constantly increasing and I don’t expect it to slow down.”

Surprise collection: O’Neill’s collaborations (such as with Liberty)

Hottest trend spotted:
Prints, prints, prints (still)

Coolest collection piece: 3D molded shirts by Hudson

Most interesting denim collection: Sweet SKTBS

Bucket hat at Kangol
Bucket hat at Kangol
Best accessory: Knitted bucket hat by Kangol

Coolest shoe: Puma’s white tennis sneakers with edgy Velcro stripes

Most crowded booth: Iriedaily (fabulous fruit drinks)

The topic everyone was talking about: What does BBB’s move to Barcelona means for the show – a run by former BBB exhibitors towards Bright or a less international visitor structure?

White velcro sneaker by Puma
White velcro sneaker by Puma

Maria Hunstig

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