Minimum booth
Minimum booth

11 Jul. 2014

Review Bread & Butter: New plans get mixed reviews

The hot topic at the current Bread & Butter was the planned relocation of the trade show to Barcelona this coming January as announced by Karl-Heinz Müller Tuesday night. Despite all the skepticism, Salvador Bilurbina, media spokesperson for Fira Barcelona, confirmed: “Yes, it's completely true that the next winter edition of BBB will take place at our fairgrounds in Barcelona,” adding today that the mayor of Barcelona and Karl-Heinz Müller will provide further details about the agreement during a press conference in the Catalonian capital.
Karl-Heinz Müller during the press presentation on Tuesday night
Karl-Heinz Müller during the press presentation on Tuesday night

SI has also learned that the Barcelona Show (January 8–10, 2015) is set to take place before the Pitti Uomo in Florence, making it the season’s kick-off show. The summer trade show will continue to be held at Berlin Tempelhof, with the dates still pending. In September an additional exhibition will be held in Seoul.

PME Legend booth
PME Legend booth
There had been rumors of a move ahead of the brief announcement by Müller, but even leading market players were not involved in the decision. “Our Spanish agent informed us about the news because it had already been reported by a Spanish newspaper before Karl-Heinz Müller made the announcement in Berlin. He didn’t talk to any of us ahead of time, which is really weird,” said an exhibitor. Others find the idea of returning to Spain appealing, attracting more international visitors than Berlin had been able to draw over the past few seasons. Axel Schukies of G-Star says; “Both Barcelona and Seoul are options we would consider.” But finding an interesting portfolio of exhibitors will be the most crucial factor if Müller’s decision is to prove successful. Stefan Sommer of Frontlineshop says: “I am and always was passionate about Bread & Butter. It’s a great show. But if the brand mix we see in Berlin right now is transferred to Barcelona, we don't have a reason to go there.” Right now, the general consensus is more one of confusion than support.

There are some open questions to be addressed: is the summer-winter solution a slow good-bye to Berlin or nothing more than a test of power between Müller and the city of Berlin. Berlin newspapers have added yet another dimension to the fashion discussion by reporting that the expansive Tempelhof Airport area is highly attractive to Berlin city officials, and Müller’s announcement has fueled political conflict over its utilization. Bread & butter uses the location only two times a year, but that makes it impossible to identify more sustainable year-round solutions for the historical site.

For the fashion scene, the development of Bread & Butter is not crucial for Berlin. According to many exhibitors, trade shows such as Premium and Panorama will not be affected too much.

Golden sweater at WeSC women
Golden sweater at WeSC women's
Fashion highlights at Bread & Butter

Best women's collection: WeSC, they had the best combination of sportswear inspired but at the same time clean, chic looks

Best men's collections: Minimum and Eleven Paris, their collections are inspired by the basketball topic but translated in a slimmer, more sophisticated silhouette e.g. sweat pants with a white button-down-shirt and a cool pair of leather sneakers or sandals

Keypiece denim: jogg denim styles in every shape for men and women, as seen at Dr. Denim, Denham, Minimum, Mavi, Mustang, Khujo

Top trend: Hawai shirts, here by Dry Bones
Top trend: Hawai shirts, here by Dry Bones
Keypiece women: Dresses in football shirt styles, bulky crop sweaters

Keypiece men: Button-down-shirts, hawai shirts and short pants with big and mini prints like birds, dogs, flowers

Most popular footwear women: Platform sandals and Birkenstocks

Most popular footwear men: Birkenstock sandals with socks or Nike Roshe run

Fullest booth:
Rich&Royal, Khujo and PME Legend

Sandals at Shoeshibar
Sandals at Shoeshibar

Regina Henkel & Juliette Nguyen

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