Yellow knitted dress made exclusively from recycled cotton
Yellow knitted dress made exclusively from recycled cotton

21 Jul. 2014

Recycled cotton fiber dress breaks new ground

The first ever garment crafted exclusively from recycled cotton fibers has been produced. Two Swedish forces– Royal Institute of Technology and GreenHouse Labs– are behind the innovation that has successfully transformed used cotton fabrics into new ones.

The duo’s achievement demonstrates that textile fibers can be fully recycled – just like paper– and that the material of the future may well be produced using recycled cotton, or a blend of new and recycled fibers. The remarkable yellow knitted dress was unveiled earlier this month during the Almedalen Week– a key political event held annually in the Swedish island of Gotland.
Emma Holmqvist Deacon

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On 22.07.2014 at 14:06 Jacqques Stuyt wrote:

Sales Manager Benelux

About 3 years ago already we, at ISKO, produced a 13 oz - 100% recycled cotton denim. It was used by several jeans manufacturers, among others KOI Jeans, who produced perfect jeans (garments) out of it!
Amsterdam, Jacques Stuyt


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