Shot from Reebok
Shot from Reebok's latest campaign

05 Apr. 2012


Reebok x Crossfit: The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived!
Reebok has launched its biggest campaign in over a decade, which comes under the headline “The Sport of Fitness has Arrived”. With a globally played promotion, the sports brand wants to encourage people to see fitness as a true sport in itself and to solidify the attachment of its brand name to that concept. Central to the campaign is Reebok’s partnership with fitness program CrossFit.

"The Sport of Fitness has Arrived" was developed by New York-based agency McGarryBowen and will be communicated via an array of channels such as TV, digital, print and OHH (out of home) media as well as with the help of consumer events and activities. Product-wise, the marketing focus has been put on Reebok’s RealFlex, a line of flexible and light-weight sport shoes.
Product of focus: Reebok
Product of focus: Reebok's RealFlex
The TV spot depicts a number of red containers getting shipped away from Reebok’s World Headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts. They are transported by boat, train and helicopter and are finally dropped into metropolises across the globe such as Seoul, Moscow and Barcelona. The advert shows a man opening one of the containers and getting a glimpse of people passionately doing their CrossFit workout inside.

Reebok will additionally tour through 12 markets worldwide (USA, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Russia, India, South Korea and Japan) with their so-called CrossFit “boxes.” These containers include equipment and tools for a mobile CrossFit workout and give up to 15 visitors at a time the chance to try out the strength and conditioning program exercises under the guidance of certified coaches. Reebok kicked off its tour in Germany with the installation of a CrossFit box at the Sony Center in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz. On Wednesday, March 14 actor and brand ambassador Elyas M’Barek was the first to try out the new workout together with interested passer-bys. The tour will continue between March 31 and May 13 and stop in seven different cities (Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt) for two days each.

Actor Elyas M’Barek tried out CrossFit at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz
Actor Elyas M’Barek tried out CrossFit at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz

Uli Becker, President of Reebok, explains his brand’s motivation behind the new marketing campaign as such: “Fitness is being perceived more and more as an independent sport, combining all of the elements that we like about traditional sports. CrossFit is at the peak of this change. At Reebok we believe that fitness can be as exciting and stirring as any other sport.” The partnership between Reebok and CrossFit was forged in September 2010, when Reebok opened its first Reebok CrossFit box at its global headquarters in Massachusetts and by doing so became part of the fitness corporation’s worldwide network of affiliated gyms.

In the long run, Reebok plans to intensify this collaboration through a number of initiatives and activities including sponsoring the 2012 World CrossFit Games (an international competition dedicated to finding the fittest man and woman on earth), further permanent Reebok CrossFit box openings and a corresponding footwear, apparel and accessories collection. The first co-branded footwear and apparel collection debuted in fall 2011, and is sold online at

CrossFit contains several challenging group exercises
CrossFit contains several challenging group exercises

Maria Hunstig

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