Pretty Ballerinas collection
Pretty Ballerinas collection

02 May. 2011


Pretty Ballerinas, Spanish ballerina shoe brand most popular with worldwide celebrities including Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue, has opened its first Italian store in Milan's golden triangle shopping area, in Via Della Spiga 52.

The shop with 25sqm offers the wide variety of fancy models and 15 different shapes at retail prices between €129 and €200 for both women and young princesses. Its interior resembles all of the other 26 monobrand stores existing worldwide and is a mix of pink, gold and black hues as well as baroque chandeliers and decor objects.
Pretty Ballerinas store
Pretty Ballerinas store

The brand originates from Minorca (Spain), where the Mascarò family founded its highly specialized footwear manufacturing company in 1918. Since 2005, thanks to fashion and marketing consultant and expert David Bell, Pretty Ballerinas is a fashion-minded high-quality ballerina brand.

Today it has about 1,000 customers worldwide. The company plans to end 2011 with a turnover of about €26 million, (with an export rate of 8%), and to further expand worldwide by opening monobrand stores in cities like Beverly Hills (by end of the month), Tel Aviv and - hopefully soon - Qatar, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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