Radio Look by Pepe Jeans London App
Radio Look by Pepe Jeans London App

14 Mar. 2012


DJ Store by Pepe Jeans London App
DJ Store by Pepe Jeans London App
RIM awarded Pepe Jeans London as best B2C Blackberry app for 2011 in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). RIM (Research in Motion), is the Canadian company that produces and distributes the Blackberry and awards the most innovative apps developed for its mobile devices every year. The awarded Pepe Jeans app for smartphone and tablets offers Pepe Jeans the chance to interact with consumers, while combining geolocation, virtual reality, video and sound streaming, push messages and social networking.

The app made by Vanatur World Mobile Solutions allows its users act as DJs at a Pepe Jeans store located by a specific geolocating system. In addition to sharing own playlists to be played in the store, the app also provides a music stream to listen to via smartphone.

Fashion Experience by Pepe Jeans London App
Fashion Experience by Pepe Jeans London App
“We are betting on new ways of interacting with our consumers," commented a Pepe Jeans spokesperson. “And music is a most exciting element in our consumers' interests and also part of the Pepe Jeans' own DNA. This app interacts with our target group and enables to experience Pepe Jeans - no matter if online or offline.”

The multilingual app allows for browsing the collection while listening to the track selected in the radio look section. It is also possible to see pictures and videos from the campaign and attend live streaming concerts that Pepe Jeans organized throughout Europe.

The app is available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from a QR reader available on Pepe Jeans lookbooks, or directly from the brand's own online stores.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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