Panorama Berlin, July 4-6, 2012
Panorama Berlin, July 4-6, 2012

03 Apr. 2012


This summer, the international fashion trade fair Panorama Berlin will celebrate its premiere from July 4-6 at the new ExpoCenter Airport Berlin with renowned international and national brands during Berlin Fashion Week.

As a new market place and business platform for innovative and strong-selling brands, progressive and contemporary collections will be presented to international retailers and buyers. Panorama complements the spectrum of offerings of Berlin Fashion Week.

As of this early date, 60% of the exhibition space has already been firmly rented. With an innovative brand mix, well-known players and brands, which have in part never before exhibited in Germany, professional visitors will be presented with a new image of the international competition.

Jörg Wichmann, Panorama Berlin GmbH comments: „With the concept of Panorama Berlin, we’re not only capturing the Zeitgeist, it’s a vision of the future. What’s already experienced now as the “mix & match” trend will be a very special challenge for the retail in the future. There are already pioneers who successfully mix products from all price categories with one another. For a long time now, fashion has not been a question of price, style not a question of age. The international team at Panorama is creating a new image of competition and together with the players, we’re inventing a new generation of trade shows.“

Confirmed brands at Panorama Berlin
Confirmed brands at Panorama Berlin

Exhibitor quotes:

John Cloppenburg, Peek & Cloppenburg KG:
I’m excited about the new concept of Panorama. Basically, it can be very interesting for us to be able to view all segments so early in the season at Fashion Week in Berlin.”

Frederic Krief, Berenice:
Germany, famous for its world renowned fashion identity, offers a chance for us as a French label to become known and accepted in the German market.”

Johannes Rellecke, Liebeskind:
We’re delighted that with Panorama, there’s another trade fair in Berlin besides Premium to present our company. Because this gives us the opportunity to showcase new product segments in the appropriate setting.”

Frau Dr. Stella Ahlers, Ahlers AG:
For our labels, such as Otto Kern, Pierre Cardin, Gin Tonic, it’s important to show within the context of Berlin Fashion Week. There’s a new realignment currently taking place in the European trade show landscape which we’re supporting with Panorama in Berlin. It’s important to be part of it and that goes for retail and the industry in equal measure.”

Jos Wijker, Summum:
Panorama is exactly what’s been missing for me in Berlin. It’s what I call Zeitgeist. A new international platform for exhibitors and buyers.”
Mona Schmadl

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