O'Neill Lifestyle/Adventure collection FW 13/14

13 Nov. 2012

O’Neill Celebrates 60th Anniversary

In 1952, surfer Jack O’Neill founded the boardsport and lifestyle label O’Neill in Santa Cruz, California, producing the first neoprene suit as the answer to how one could remain in water for longer periods of time. With models that looked more like a penguin than a stylish suit, O’Neill grew his small surf-shop into an international company that has never stopped trying to make surfing and snowboarding as comfortable as possible. With its constant research and technical advances, today O’Neill covers 60% of the segment’s market share.

O'Neill Lifestyle/Adventure looks FW 13/14
O'Neill Lifestyle/Adventure looks FW 13/14

With headquarters in Warmond, O’Neill has arranged the ASP world tour events “Cold Water Classics” every year, thanks to their practical know-how and connections to the surfing world. The time has now come for new positioning that pushes clothing and accessories sales via specialist sporting retailers as well as through lifestyle stores like Thomas I Punkt. European Marketing Manager Sascha Weil stated: “We have the best stores on the coast, we have the best stores in the mountains, and now we want a larger variety of key locations.” In turn, the collection will be recreated with a stronger structure and focus with 30 styles aimed solely at apparel retailers as opposed to sporting specialists. Furthermore, shoes will be added to the brand’s selection for fall/winter 2013 with Bosum Trading GmbH holding the licence for production, distribution and marketing.
Julia Mönnich

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