The three
The three 'Liberation' protagonists

20 Apr. 2012


Only - The Liberation
In collaboration with the Uncle/Grey advertising agency, denim brand Only has launched a new promotional film called ‘the Liberation’. It puts the end-user in the driving seat and pushes the envelope of just how close customers can get to a brand.

The desire to move consumers even closer to the brand and enhance the dialogue was what drove Only’s marketing manager Niklas Sønderskov Andersen to get in touch with Lars Samuelsen, strategic director and head of digital at Uncle/Grey. Together, they came up with a strategy and concept that resulted in a promotional film which allows the viewers to make the decisive choices determining the action in the film. “I’m convinced that, if we want to hold onto our customers going forward, we also need to let go just a little and allow them to get under our skin at Only as a brand. Our customers no longer want to be dictated to; they want to make the decisions,” says Niklas Sønderskov Andersen and continues while commenting on the brand’s young target group aged 15–25: “Young people today are internationally oriented, so it’s vital for a brand like Only to punch above its weight and communicate internationally. This places immense demands on a brand, because we always need to know what the target group thinks and what they are dreaming of – thinking you know is no longer good enough.”

Lars Samuelsen and Niklas Sønderskov Andersen both emphasise that it is the informal collaboration and close contact between Only and Uncle/Grey that made it possible to implement a process like this so successfully. “We work together extremely closely and on equal terms, and both sides have been completely up front about the need for tremendous mutual trust required to make a major campaign like this a success,” Lars Samuelsen explains, and Niklas Sønderskov Andersen adds: “As an organisation, we can only work closely with external players if, for the duration of our collaborative project, they operate more like colleagues than suppliers. This has worked very well with Uncle/Grey, and I’m convinced that it’s a vital factor in the success of the campaign.”

Lars Samuelsen and Niklas Sønderskov Andersen
Lars Samuelsen and Niklas Sønderskov Andersen

Mona Schmadl

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