Only: launches Fashion Faux Pas Award
Only: launches Fashion Faux Pas Award

06 Aug. 2010


This year Only is turning 15 and is taking a look back at the last decade and a half of fashion with an entertaining feature. Visitors to will be treated to a picture gallery of fashion blunders. Participants can send in their most embarrassing fashion moment from the past 15 years, not only to be laughed at, but also to win a prize. will award the best picture of a past fashion faux pas with a complete Only autumn collection. “At Only we have all been seduced by trends that at the moment seemed great, but turned out to be catastrophic. In its 15 years as a brand, Only has seen many crazes come and go ­– plateau sneakers, tummy-revealing tops, furry legwarmers, just to mention a few! That is why we created a wall of shame on,” says the company on its website. Snapshots taken between 1995 and 2010 can be uploaded to through September 6.

Isabel Mühlbauer

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