Clean outside design of the new Camper showroom
Clean outside design of the new Camper showroom

16 Oct. 2013

New Camper showroom in Shanghai

Camper has launched a new showroom space in Shanghai. Located in the French Concession area, the space was designed by Chinese architects Neri&Hu and is inspired by the urban designs typically seen in this part of the city.

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in the design of these premises, which consists of two floors and will operate as the brand’s Chinese flagship store. The building structure is made from reclaimed, locally sourced wooden frames, filled in with grey brick. A skylight adds to the feeling of being in an outside. Throughout the day, long shadows are cast by shoes hanging from the skylight. Many of the furniture pieces were designed especially for this project.

Inside the open-space showroom
Inside the open-space showroom

Lisa Dartmann

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