Friedrich-Wilhelm Göbel, CEO SinnLeffers GmbH
Friedrich-Wilhelm Göbel, CEO SinnLeffers GmbH

07 Aug. 2014

New CEO for SinnLeffers

Effective August 1, 2014, Friedrich-Wilhelm Göbel was announced new CEO of the German department store chain SinnLeffers, succeeding former CEO Abram Nette. Since February 2013, Göbel was part of the SinnLeffers advisory panel and was also member of the supervisory board of Rudolf Wöhrl AG for many years.

“While fusing the services of both companies, the Rudolf Wöhrl AG and SinnLeffers GmbH, under one umbrella, we can improve the outcome of SinnLeffers significantly. Our goal is to ensure the future success of SinnLeffers in a sustainable way,” states Göbel.

After its restructuring, SinnLeffers currently runs 22 branches with 1,800 employees. Beginning of 2013, the multibrand retailer was bought by members of the Wöhrl family.
Alexandra Spiegel

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