Ronnie Wood wearing Metlin
Ronnie Wood wearing Metlin' Pot.

08 Jul. 2013

Meltin'Pot on stage with The Rolling Stones

Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts of iconic rock band The Rolling Stones are wearing Meltin'Pot jeans for their “50 Years & Counting Tour".

Meltin'Pot has created special made-to-measure jeans for the two musicians, which they wore for the first show of the 50th anniversary tour that started on July 1st at Glastonbury.

The band had already showed its appreciation for the Italian jeans brand by wearing them throughout their previous "Bigger Bang Tour". For the present tour Meltin'Pot collaborated and created for them a series of skinny made-to-measure jeans in brightly coloured materials.

Augusto Romano, CEO, Meltin'Pot commented: "We are proud and enthusiastic we could once more make our jeans for the iconic rock band and accompany them through this memorable tour."
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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