Berlin Congress Center
Berlin Congress Center

18 Jul. 2011


Just one week after Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin has closed its doors, the German automobile company launched another design event in the German capital: With the ‘Avantgarde Diaries – Transmission1’ festival (July 15-17), a creative platform was installed at the Berlin Congress Center that featured pieces of work of several international artists and musicians such as art director, Peter Saville, Belgian artist, Peter de Potter, and UK band These New Puritans. Curator of the event hosted by Mercedes-Benz was Belgian designer Raf Simons. Unlike Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the design festival and exhibition was mostly open to the public.

Simultaneously to the event, an internet interview magazine on with weekly updates produced in New York City was launched that as well serves as a platform where artists and designers are introduced.

“Today we have to deal with very fragmented markets and, therefore, we create different events and concepts to reach different target groups. Obviously, with an initiative such as the Avantgarde Diaries we address a young, progressive, fashion-minded crowd and so-called opinion leaders,” says Anders Sundt Jensen, Head of Brand Communication Mercedes-Benz Cars.

art installation by Dutch artist Germaine Kruip
art installation by Dutch artist Germaine Kruip
Such as the long-time engagement in worldwide fashion weeks, newly in Tokyo, Jensen already announced that also the Avantgarde Diaries is not meant as a one- time shot: “We want to establish Mercedes-Benz in only a few areas, but in these cases we want to do it consequently. That means that we think in the long run. So there will definitely be a sequel of the Avantgarde Diaries, even though I cannot tell you if it will be in three months or half a year or in Shanghai or in New York.”
Sabine Kühnl

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