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A Levi's in-house tailor at work

19 Jun. 2014

Levi’s offers denim customization in the UK

To celebrate the festival season and the personalization of classic denim pieces, Levi’s is currently offering denim customizing service by in-house tailors in its UK stores.
Customers can either bring their worn Levi’s denim jackets, shorts or pants to the store or buy a new item to have it customized. The customisation options include leg alterations, adding patches (a selection will be available in store), monogramming, repairs and tapering. Prices range between 5-15 GBP.

At the Levi’s flagship store in London’s Regent Street, customers may also receive a limited edition embroidery designed by graphic artist Ferry Gouw. Gouw has worked with several artists from the music scene and has also created the album artwork for Major Lazer. For the Levi’s denim customization event, he designed ten festival-inspired embroidery designs which can be applied to the desired denim garments for 10-50 GBP.

To find out which exact customization options are available at your local Levi’s UK store, visit: www.levi.com/tailorshop

Levi's tailor in the store
Levi's tailor in the store

Maria Hunstig

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