Niels Mikkelsen, CEO, has left IC Companys.
Niels Mikkelsen, CEO, has left IC Companys.

01 Aug. 2013

Leadership changes at IC Companys

Niels Mikkelsen, former CEO of IC Companys (Tiger of Sweden, Jackpot, Peak Performance etc.), has left the company as of July 31st, 2013.
Mikkelsen joined IC Companys five years ago. “I just joined the group a month before Lehmann Brothers bankruptcy in August 2008. It wasn't the circumstances that I had hoped for, but still we managed to come through this as a strong company with zero dept and well prepared for the future”, said Mikkelsen.

As Mikkelsen's successor, IC Companys named Mads Ryder. Ryder previously headed porcelain manufacturer Royal Copenhagen as CEO. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President at Weight Watchers and CEO at Legoland.

Mikkelsen's successor: Mads Ryder.

Samira Mikhail

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