One of La Rosa
One of La Rosa's mannequins

26 Sep. 2013

La Rosa opens New Showroom in Paris

Italian mannequin specialist La Rosa has opened a new Showroom in Paris at 118 Rue Reaumur. The design of the showroom highlights the different personalities of the collections, which have been specially created to suit different types of fashion.
On the occasion of the opening, La Rosa presented a brand new collection of mannequins: Q, R, O, C, J, and re-released some of the bestselling La Rosa Models. All of this is part of the 90 year old Italian company’s new creative strategy. This regeneration process started in 2013 with a creative direction that led to the development of a product strategy and communication in line with the demands of the contemporary brands in the international market. The rejuvenated brand aims to speak to many different retailers, from luxury brands to major retailers, priding themselves on made in Italy quality with minimal environmental impact.
Paris is key to the new strategy and the new showroom will act as an outpost from which La Rosa plans to consolidate its expansion into Asia, Eastern Europe and the Arab market, and strengthen its relations with international fashion through the proximity to the most important luxury brands who are based in the French capital.
Inside the new showroom
Inside the new showroom

Regina Henkel

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On 27.02.2016 at 10:50 La Rosa Italy wrote:

La Rosa in New York

Thanks again for the mention! At the moment we also have a partnership with JPMA for La Rosa products in the States.


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