Heiko Klauer
Heiko Klauer

04 Apr. 2011


Levi’s Europe has announced two personnel changes within its marketing division. Heiko Klauer has been appointed as Senior Marketing Director Levi’s Women & Marketing Operations at Levi’s Europe, already effective since October 1, 2010. The 39-year-old is operating from the company's headquarters in Brussels and is responsible for the women’s department and the implementation of marketing activities in the European countries. He directly reports to Levi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Larry Ruff. His previous position as Marketing Director G.A.S. Levi’s Brand at Levi Strauss Germany GmbH was undertaken by Jan Schoper as per February 1, 2011.

At Levi Strauss & Co., in his former position as Marketing Director, Heiko Klauer was responsible for the region Germany, Austria and Switzerland since October 2005, where he, amongst other things, headed the merchandising teams and thus contributed to the economic success and growth of the company.

Jan Schoper
Jan Schoper
Jan Schoper got on board the company in 2004 as Account Manager. Later, he was Field Key Account Manager, and in 2006 he switched to the marketing division of the company which he at first supported in the position as A&P Manager. In his most recent position, the 37-year-old was in charge of the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the position as Consumer Marketing Manager. There, he was responsible for the successful expansion and implementation of the Levis’ music marketing as well as the media implementation of the Levi’s Curve ID campaign. He reports to Torsten Widarzik, General Manager Levi Strauss Germany GmbH.

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