Baby Denim by Kings of Indigo
Baby Denim by Kings of Indigo

24 Jul. 2013

Kings of Indigo Present New Baby Denim Line

Jeans label Kings of Indigo (KOI) present their new Baby Denim line. The jeans are specifically developed and will be available in the new Everlastin’ Selvage and Electric Blue Broken Twill. In addition, the packaging for the new line doubles up as a mobile for the cot.

From January 2014, the Baby Denim line will be available at the KOI online shop and at selected retailers.

Besides the new Baby Denim line, KOI is known for tops, jeans and accessories inspired by American classics. All products are manufactured by sustainable production methods based on the triple-R concept: Recycle, Repair, Re-use.
Tatjana von Elverfeldt

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