Bread & butter Kids Camp
Bread & butter Kids Camp

03 Dec. 2010


Bread & butter organizers arranged a meeting at Berlin-based restaurant Borchardt on Dec. 2 where participants discussed how the segment of kidswear could be presented at Bread & butter in the future. After the termination of the ‘Kids Camp’, which took place in the Roncalli tent last summer, due to a weak exhibitor response for the project, Karl-Heinz Müller now invited about 30 business opinion leaders like representatives from international denim and urbanwear brands, agents of children apparel, as well as buyers and retailers, in order to work out a new concept.

“I admit that we made some mistakes in the past,” Müller said. “Like the overlap with Pitti Bimbo for example.” Thus, he now has new plans: an independent, separate tradeshow for kidswear, taking place after the weekend of Bread & butter. It should be called ‘Bread & butter Youngstars’ and will be launched July 15-17, 2011, right after the summer issue. Regarding the concept, Müller doesn’t want to make major changes. Just like for former Kids Camp, denim should also be the focus of the new tradeshow. With brands like Replay, Pepe Jeans, Desigual and Ben Sherman. plus independent labels like 667 - the baby of the beast and tgkp Kids – he is convinced to have a good mixture.

B&B Youngstars logo
B&B Youngstars logo
According to Müller, the denim hall should be the ideal playground for that. There is enough space for as many as 250 brands. Müller’s idea was well received by the audience. Only Volker Kitzig, Head of Sales of Replay & Sons, stated his doubts. He knows the field of kidswear quite well and fears, it will be not easy for exhibitors to take another try because Kids Camp last summer has not been the first attempt of Bread & butter. There was also a similar try in 2006. At the end of the meeting though, Müller still seemed convinced of his plans as he said: “I have the demand to create an international leading show with ‘Bread & butter Youngstars’. We will handle it!”

Wolfgang Altmann

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