Junk de Luxe campaign image
Junk de Luxe campaign image

03 Jan. 2014

Junk de Luxe re-launches

Junk de Luxe, founded in 1986 in Aarhus, Denmark, has announced its re-launch. In December 2012 Peder Tang, the CEO of the Danish fashion company Minimum, took over the brand and started a transformation process. Junk de Luxe has been restructured and will debut with its re-launched men's collection at Bread & Butter in January 2014 in Berlin.

The label is known for its mix of original vintage clothing and classic styles – “contradiction” became a huge part of the brand’s DNA.  And the team aims to maintain and build upon these qualities. The contradiction between the words ‘junk’ and ‘luxury’ will continue to be the main philosophy.

The collection contains Made in England jackets and blazers and exquisite wool-blends in the knitwear range. The tailored collection uses Lanificio La Malpenga fabrics.

Although Junk de Luxe shares one headquarter with Minimum in Aarhus, it stays independent.

Melanie Gropler

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