Isko shows denim trends for next summer: ADT technology
Isko shows denim trends for next summer: ADT technology

09 Nov. 2010


With only a few weeks to go until Denim by Première Vision, Turkish denim textile company Isko presented its trends for summer of 2012 during a sales meeting in Istanbul.

In the first part of the meeting, the company showed a projection of the latest denim street styles around the world’s fashion cities such as Berlin, Milan, New York and Tokyo: Isko’s trend research team stated a still growing request for stretch denim, since jeggings, skinny and straight fits remain very important. Furthermore, selvedge denim was named important since rolled-up denims on straight fits and slacked pants were seen a lot. The same goes for shorts that were spotted in all varieties: rolled-up, cut-off or with even edges. Moreover, boyfriend fits are still popular. A stronger demand can be seen for layering looks, chambrays and cargo fits. Even though boot-cuts and flares are shown in shop windows, they are not yet part of the street looks. Regarding washings, no clear trend could be seen: The range goes from pale washed denims to raw materials or black and deep black looks.

In the second part of the meeting, Isko presented an outlook on all innovations and trends that the company has in its repertoire for summer of 2012 concerning colors, fabric looks, shapes and performance.

Regarding colors, the three main shades will be Nova (100% Indigo, with a dark outside and a white inside), Surf blue (a middle shade) and Anchor Blue (with a greenish touch).

Isko introduces new concept: self dry
Isko introduces new concept: self dry

There are also a number of new looks to fabrics for summer of 2012 defined by Isko. There’s the ‘POP’ look which is a mixture of 100% cotton or Lycra fibre yarns that give the fabric a bright, shiny look with a refined silk-like appearance. This blend shall offer a smooth, soft and lustrous surface of silk, rayon or tencel. Then, there’s ‘Self Dry’, a new concept that gives linen or hemp fibres the look, appeal and feel of 100% cotton. Thirdly, there’s ‘Vintage at Work’, which is based on workwear and dungarees to sum up the ongoing request for vintage and authentic denim looks. In addition, according to Isko, ‘Jeather’, denim with a leather optic, will be very important. And last but not least, there will be ‘Indigo checks and prints’ as well as ‘Powder coatings’ for more matte looks.

Shapewise, there are options in stretch such as Light Weights (ultralight fabrics), Comfort Stretch (for skinny and straight fits for men and women – for men it will be a lower elasticity though) and Hypower (for skinny fits). Another innovation is Recall™ in Shape: a production process that enables much faster recovery than conventional fabrics, limiting loss of shape and ensuring minimum restriction with high stretch performance ranging from 30 to 50%. And then there are 100% elasticity jeggings, a more extreme version of jeggings that enable one-size denim garments meant to perfectly fit the body.

Isko shows Jeggins
Isko shows Jeggins
In the performance section, according to Isko, the most important trends and innovations for summer of 2012 are treatments to guarantee moisture control and water and wind-proofed materials, as well as RFD (Ready For Dye), denim that is treated to maintain its quality after dying.
Sabine Kühnl

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