Invista theme for f/w 2013-14: Ethnic
Invista theme for f/w 2013-14: Ethnic

05 Apr. 2012


Denim by Premiere Vision, May 23-24, Paris
Denim by Premiere Vision, May 23-24, Paris
At Denim by Premiere Vision taking place from May 23-24, Invista, owner of the LYCRA® fiber brand, will present a fall/winter 2013-14 global fabric collection at its booth at the fair ground, Halle Freyssinet, 55 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris, France.

Focused around three key themes, the collection highlights new fabrics made with Invista innovations, from customer mills around the globe.

According to Jean Hegedus, Invista’s global marketing director for denim, the three themes were developed considering what Invista believes is a key trend -- the consumer’s desire for improvement*. “People are looking for this in all areas of their lives,” Hegedus said.  “We want our economies to improve, we want to make our planet a better place to live, we want to brighten our outlook, increase our confidence, and our comfort.  In keeping with this trend, we developed the following themes for our collection:

ETHNIC - this theme features colored and printed denims, bringing a spirit of optimism and newness to the traditional five pocket silhouette.  LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics provide outstanding recovery for super stretch garments, allowing even the skinniest jeans and jeggings to keep their shape, thanks to the inclusion of both LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® T400® fiber in a single fabric. Denim with LYCRA® STYLE fiber also brings excellent quality and comfort to some of the season’s most innovative yet affordable designs.

Invista theme for f/w 2013-14: Ecology
Invista theme for f/w 2013-14: Ecology
- Invista worked with Jeanologia, one of the world’s preeminent experts in denim finishing technologies, to create garments combining Invista fibres with Jeanologia’s innovative finishing techniques.  One example is their G2 technology which Jeanologia’s evaluation has showed uses less water and chemicals compared to traditional finishing methods.  This technology, and others from Jeanologia, is featured on fabrics with LYCRA® STYLE fiber, LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics, and XFIT LYCRA® fabrics. Also included in this category are CORDURA® denim fabrics.  According to Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director, “Extending the life and performance of denim and other CORDURA® fabric offerings is our goal and supports our brand’s tagline of ‘Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™.’”

Invista theme for f/w 2013-14: Emerging
Invista theme for f/w 2013-14: Emerging
- this theme includes fabrics made from emerging technologies and/or emerging geographies such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. TOUGH MAX™ LYCRA® fabrics lead the way, reflecting the emerging trend toward a fusion of performance fibers or fabrics and everyday apparel. TOUGH MAX™ LYCRA® fabrics have up to twice the strength and abrasion resistance of 100% cotton and offer enhanced comfort through freedom of movement.  Recent research commissioned by Invista** showed that nearly 80% of respondents were interested in purchasing a pair of jeans made with TOUGH MAX™ LYCRA® fabric, and they felt the jeans could be worn for a wide variety of occasions. 

*INVISTA internal
** Men’s Denim Market Research, January, 2012, Strategic Insights.  1.400 men in 5 countries (France, Italy, Germany, U.S.A., India)
Mona Schmadl

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