2012 International Shopping Center Report
2012 International Shopping Center Report

07 May. 2012


The 2012 International Shopping Center Report has reviewed 588 existing and planned shopping centers in Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia and 661 in Germany in an attempt to document the increasing internationality of the shopping center market. For purposes of the investigation, shopping centers were defined as areas that encompass retail outlets, service establishments, restaurants and leisure/entertainment facilities.

The study identified the average size of physical spaces that shops take up in each country as well as their total gross leasable areas. Further analysis revealed what types of shopping centers were most popular and where the most favorable locations (inner-cities or outskirts, for example) were based. Finally, the report gave a break down on market leaders and the most commonly found chain stores in each place.

Findings show that over the past several years the variety of shopping centers has increased with the sustainability factor gaining more and more importance in relation to the location's sociocultural and economic qualities. The report ended on a interesting note, confirming that “an increased fusion of the physical and virtual worlds is visible. The pervasion of the internet and other forms of communication in the real world will increasingly influence shopping and recreational behaviour. Shopping habits will become more decentralized and unpredictable. Pure commerce is blending with experiences, recreation, art and culture.”

Number of Shopping centers by size of centers
Number of Shopping centers by size of centers

Anastasia Dyakovskaya

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