Gas' new denim on Italian actress Laura Chiatti

07 Mar. 2013

Gas launches Pop-Up jeans

The Italian jeans specialist Gas is launching its new Pop-Up jeans, a new jegging model aimed at enhancing a women's body shape and adding definition. The effect is obtained thanks to high-performance stretch fabrics that reshape the figure while defining hips and buttocks and thanks to a special invisible trick. The "Pop-Up" effect is guaranteed thanks to two small “anatomical” cups in non-allergic material to slip into two inside pockets situated above the buttocks to make them fuller. The cups, which come in different sizes, dependent on the size of the jeans, are what give the edge to unique, totally innovative pants that really can give a "C" curve to the "B" side.

Internationally patented, Pop Up Jeans are the result of a year of testing in the Artisanal Room, Gas’s own internal research and development laboratory where new fabrics, techniques and aesthetic solutions are studied and tested.

The "before and after" when wearing Gas
The "before and after" when wearing Gas' Pop-Up denim
Gas Artisanal Room has developed an original formula to add real volume to the curves shaped by the jeggings stretch fabric. Two imperceptible mesh pockets have been added inside the back of pants in soft, light, super-stretch denim. The non-allergic, breathable and crushproof cups go into the pockets, where they adhere perfectly to the body, almost becoming part of it. The result provides a completely natural effect.

The new model will sold internationally from 8 March (Women's Day) and will debut in Milan at Coin Department Store in Piazza V Giornate. Testimonial of the event will be Italian actress Laura Chiatti.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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