Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen

11 Nov. 2013

G-Star RAW announces new collaborations

In addition to its new project RAW Episodes, G-Star Raw has announced a new collaboration. Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian chess grandmaster, will be the renewed face of the brand.

Carlsen was the face of the brand, alongside Gemma Arterton, for its Autumn Winter 2010 and Spring Summer 2011 campaigns, shot by photographer Anton Corbijn. Carlsen is back again and will be the face of the Spring Summer 2014 campaign.

Video: RAW EPISODES - Yuna Zarai
In addition, the brand has a new project called RAW Episodes. The project will see G-Star working together with extraordinary artists, creators, craftsmen and talents. Raw Episode 1 will begin with the LA based musician and artist Yuna Zarai. Zarai, who recently launched her new album, will present, via a fashion-shoot, how she styles G-Star clothes. To connect with Yuna’s soulful style, the designers in the G-Star workshop created a one-off denim head-wrap.
Tatjana von Elverfeldt

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