G-Star Raw store Rodeo Drive
G-Star Raw store Rodeo Drive

09 Nov. 2011


G-Star Raw will be the first denim brand to open a store on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, USA. The store will be opened on December 6, and is the third and largest G-Star store in the Los Angeles area. It is located in a distinctive building with two floors, offering denim products on a total sales area of almost 450sqm.

For the store opening, G-Star will invite many inspiring, creative people to celebrate; for example DJ Mark Ronson will give an in-store performance and photographer Anton Corbijn, who shot several campaigns for G-Star, will present an iconic gallery projection. Moreover, at the opening, G-Star will introduce the travelling gallery ‘Raw Objects and Curiosities’. Over the last ten years, G-Star has presented a series of denim installations across a range of platforms from Tokyo Design Week to Shanghai World Expo to New York Fashion Week.

G-Star has expanded rapidly over the last few years, opening monobrand stores in the world’s capitals from Tokyo to New York and Sydney to Paris. Currently G-Star has over 6,000 POS in 65 countries.

G-Star Raw store Rodeo Drive
G-Star Raw store Rodeo Drive

Maria Cristina Pavarini

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