21 Oct. 2013

Fornarina goes pop for new sneaker model

Fornarina has just launched a new sneaker model, Funlight, and promoted it with a pop-inspired video that is becoming successful throughout the web.

Video: Fornarina launches new sneaker model!
Fornarina Funlight is the Italian brand's latest fashion sneaker. Funlight is characterised by a mix of future-minded silhouettes, materials and colours. The pop-inspired video to accompany the launch is a fast paced unexpected sequence of images, signs and sounds, all combined to have a hypnotic effect. The video contains sharks teeth, flowers, satellites and toucans, with animal patterns, space atmospheres and eastern patterns, distilled into a slick glamour-pop production.

The Funlight movie can be seen via Fornarina's website (, facebook and Youtube pages.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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