Red Wing Store in Frankfurt celebrates 35 years
Red Wing Store in Frankfurt celebrates 35 years

30 Jul. 2012


Founded in 1977, the Red Wing shoe store at Frankfurt’s Kornmarkt - the brand’s only monobrand store in Europe – celebrates its 35th year this month. Over the past few decades, the shop has conveyed the label’s unique combination of quality, tradition, American style and class to more than 30,000 customers. Head of the Frankfurt store since 1997, Kami Hashemi has managed to establish a steadily growing fan base by using his expertise and deep understanding of the brand.

store owner Kami Hashemi
store owner Kami Hashemi
“High quality fabrics, comfort and professional service are the main aspects that our customers value,” explained Hashemi of Red Wing's European success. “Nowadays people tend to buy products with a strong history that proves that the product’s quality and tradition plays a great role in the decision-making process, as it suggests a certain kind of security. Thanks to these factors, we’re lucky to possess solid business worldwide despite the harsh economic climate.”

With numerous styles, individual fabrications and a repair service, the shop comes from a long line of generations that emerged in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota. Founder Charles H. Beckman started the brand while looking for robust but comfortable shoes when he realized that there were none available to him. An immigrant of German descent, he decided to pursue the American dream and produce the shoes himself. Ever since, the shoe company has reached various stages of success, starting with the production of 100 shoes in 1907 to 200,000 in 1915. The company has surpassed the world economy’s trials and tribulations up to today and has thus became one of the most successful shoe contributors to the worldwide market to come from the US.
Anna Katharina Hupperth

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