Esprit store in Bonn
Esprit store in Bonn

11 May. 2010


Lifestyle brand Esprit has re-opened his store in Bonn after eight weeks of construction. The 1,200-sq.-meter flagship stores sets a new architectural standard, a “Back to the future” concept, based on the Memphis design, which was given a new spin inspired by the products’ brand identity. The company celebrated the opening with an after-work shopping event with about 2,000 guests.
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The store design was developed in collaboration with the architectural firm of Schwitzke & Partner from  Düsseldorf, Germany. As of June 30, 2009 Esprit Holdings Limited generated a worldwide group turnover of around €3.1 billion. The company operates more than 800 directly managed retail stores in over 40 countries and distributes its products to more than 14,000 wholesale locations around the globe.
Lisa Dartmann

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